About lymphatic massage therapy


Lymphatic massage therapy relieves swelling as it speeds healing

Chronic and acute swelling can happen to anyone at any time. It’s your body’s response to damage and disease. For healing to progress, swelling must be addressed. That’s where lymphatic massage therapy comes in.

Swelling happens when fluid builds up in your tissues. Normally, lymph fluid circulates your body to feed cells, fight infection and control fluid levels. Swelling (edema) results when your lymphatic system is blocked or damaged. 

The goal of therapy is to relieve swelling and stabilize your condition. Lymphatic massage therapy, also known as MLD therapy, uses gentle, hands-on techniques to improve lymph flow in your under-performing lymphatic system and relieve swelling.

When you need MLD therapy

Lymphatic massage therapy is an ideal solution when you have:

  • persistent/worsening leg, arm, torso or other swelling
  • lymphedema
  • lipedema
  • swelling after breast, testicular and other cancers
  • swelling after joint replacement and other surgery
  • slow-healing ulcers
  • obesity with leg swelling
  • persistent swelling after an injury
  • poor leg circulation (chronic venous insufficiency) and swelling