CDT = Combined Decongestive Therapy

Lymphatic therapy & compression

CDT (combined decongestive therapy) is lymphatic massage therapy combined with compression bandaging. It quickly and effectively reduces swelling in situations where lymphatic massage alone isn't appropriate. CDT can be used to stop swelling and manage:

  • lymphedema
  • lipedema
  • poor leg circulation
  • ulcers
  • post-surgery swelling

CDT in 3 steps

Step 1 - lymphatic massage

A lymphatic massage session to get lymph moving and reduce swelling.

Step 2 - compression bandaging

Compression bandaging is wrapped around your arm or leg. It stays on 24 hours a day to continuously pump lymph from your tissues.

Step 3 - re-wrapping

At your next lymphatic therapy session, Terry removes the compression bandaging. Fresh bandages are then applied to your now-reducing leg or arm. We have shower facilities so you can refresh between re-wraps. 

and repeat...

Steps are repeated until the swelling's reduced as much as possible. Some people are then fitted for custom compression garments to maintain leg or arm health.

A solution for your swelling

CDT usually takes 1 to 3 weeks based on your situation and level of swelling. Therapy sessions are daily or every second day. We work with you to plan therapy that works with your life, budget and insurance coverage. There’s always a solution.