CDT is Combined Decongestive Therapy


CDT addresses chronic and acute swelling

Combined decongestive therapy (CDT) quickly and effectively reduces swelling in situations where MLD therapy alone isn’t appropriate.

CDT blends MLD therapy with compression wrapping to decongest swelling from tissues. Typically, therapy is every 1-2 days for two or more weeks. How much swelling you have, the underlying reasons for your swelling, and how your swelling responds to therapy dictates your treatment plan.

Chronic swelling conditions like lymphedema and lipedema often need CDT to reduce and stabilize swelling. Short-term or acute swelling, resulting from injuries and surgery, may also benefit from CDT to speed healing and relieve swelling.



See and feel the results CDT brings

Your combined decongestive therapy session begins with lymphatic massage (MLD) to stimulate lymph movement and encourage swelling reduction. Compression bandaging and comfort foam are wrapped around your leg or arm. They stay on 24 hours a day to continuously pump lymph from your tissues.

By the next session (1-2 days later), your bandages will be loose because your swelling is receding. The wrapping is removed, you receive further MLD, and your now-reducing limb is re-wrapped.

This process is repeated until your swelling is reduced as much as possible. Those with chronic swelling conditions are then custom-fitted for a compression garment.

A commitment to swelling relief and management

CDT requires a commitment of your time and resources. We're also committed to helping you every step of the way. We create a schedule that recognizes your life and work obligations. Your treatment plan also takes into account your budget and insurance coverage. There are always options and solutions.