Recover faster

Lymphatic massage is ideal for treating swelling after surgery because it accelerates your body’s  healing process while it reduces swelling. Therapy stimulates the movement of lymph that flushes out cell debris and swelling. And it increases lymph and blood flow to speed tissue repair. 

Those same benefits can be kick-started before your surgery too. A short series of 3 to 4 MLD therapy sessions immediately before a planned surgical procedure helps prime the area by increasing circulation and providing support to your lymphatic system.

Plastic & cosmetic

MLD therapy provides quick swelling relief and scar reduction after facelifts, breast augmentation/reduction, liposuction, tummy tucks, rhinoplasty and other plastic surgeries.


Lymphatic massage reduces painful swelling to get you moving again after replacement or repair of hip, knee, ankle, wrist, shoulder and other joints.


Reducing swelling makes you look and feel better when you’ve had surgery to repair/rebuild your mouth and jaw area after cancer or injury.