Q&A about MLD therapy

Clients often ask us...

Why is lymphatic massage therapy also called MLD therapy?

MLD (manual lymph drainage) is the clinical term for lymphatic massage. Check out our two minute MLD explainer video.

How come I’ve never heard of lymphatic therapy or MLD?

We don’t know why! It's used worldwide to treat swelling and swelling conditions like lymphedema and lipedema.

Is lymphatic massage different from regular massage?

Yes. While regular massage is designed to relax and soften muscles, lymphatic massage is designed to move lymph fluid and stop swelling from disease, injury or surgery.

What does lymph have to do with swelling?

A lot! Lymph is a clear fluid that moves around your body feeding cells, cleaning debris and fighting infection. When it's blocked by disease or injury you get swelling. Learn more with our two minute lymph explainer video.

Who can get MLD?

Everyone! We've had clients from 3 months old well into their nineties.

Should I use lymphatic therapy instead of massage or other physical therapies?

What's your main health goal? Lymphatic therapy stops swelling and speeds healing from disease, surgery and injury. Other therapies are for used for relaxation or flexibility.

What's CDT?

CDT is combined decongestive therapy. It’s the combination of lymphatic massage and compression wrapping often used in the swelling reduction phase of therapy.

Do MLD therapists require special training?

Yes. MLD therapists must be trained and certified to provide lymphatic therapy for the treatment of swelling and swelling conditions. Terry Kemp is the MLD Clinic’s Certified Therapist, trained by the Dr. Vodder School.

Can I get MLD therapy when I’m getting other physical therapies?

Absolutely! Lymphatic therapy works very well alone and in coordination with other therapies. In fact, once MLD therapy stops the swelling, clients find they make better progress with the rest of their recovery.

What’s MLD therapy like?

Our clients say it's gentle and relaxing and it relieves their swelling. MLD is provided on a comfortable treatment bed in a calm, quiet space. MLD techniques are light, repetitive and soothing. Is lymphatic therapy right for you? Come try it for yourself.