The MLD Clinic


The MLD Clinic specializes in swelling relief and management

 Since 2006, we’ve helped people across Atlantic Canada and beyond solve their swelling issues. We assess and provide treatment for a range of swelling conditions, including lymphedema and lipedema.

The goal of all therapy is to relieve swelling and stabilize your condition.

Lymphatic massage therapy (also called MLD) uses gentle, hands-on techniques to relieve swelling. This encourages lymph flow in damaged and under-performing lymphatic systems.

Combined decongestive therapy (CDT) blends MLD therapy with compression wrapping. It’s used to address significant or entrenched swelling where MLD therapy alone is not as suitable.

Terry Kemp is a lymphatic massage therapist and this clinic's owner. Terry is a Vodder Certified Therapist, having achieved the highest level of training offered in MLD and CDT by the world-leading Dr. Vodder School. He’s also a Registered Massage Therapist and member of the Massage Therapy Association of NS. In addition, he’s an Expert Compression Garment Fitter, trained by BSN Medical and JOBST.

Off duty, Terry’s a home chef, tomato gardener and avid camper. He’s happiest when tenting in the woods or spending an afternoon creating a spicy dish. 


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