Why Legs & Arms Swell


Swelling can happen to anyone at any time

Swelling is a frustrating and sometimes painful aspect of many health issues and it’s often rooted in damage to the lymphatic system. Whether your swelling is short-term or chronic in nature, MLD therapy is an effective solution for swelling relief. 

Chronic swelling

Swelling that won’t go away - and even gets worse over time - is considered chronic. MLD therapy was developed close to a century ago to treat and manage chronic, progressive swelling conditions including lymphedema, lipedema and chronic venous insufficiency (poor leg circulation). Cancer treatments and obesity are also triggers for chronic swelling. 

Benefits of MLD therapy for chronic swelling:

  • swelling reduction and relief
  • stabilize your condition
  • avoid further progression of your swelling

Acute (short-term) swelling

Surgical procedures, like knee and hip replacements, produce swelling. Any accident that causes trauma like broken bones, or crush and impact injuries, also produces acute swelling and pain. 

Rehabilitation efforts can be slowed or halted when swelling causes inflammation, stiffness and pain. MLD therapy stops the swelling and lets you carry on with your recovery.

Benefits of MLD therapy for acute swelling:

  • quick swelling relief
  • improved lymphatic function to promote faster healing
  • scar reduction
  • earlier improvements with your flexibility and range of motion