Your lymphatic system

It controls swelling & promotes healing

Your lymphatic system is a network of lymph glands, nodes and vessels throughout your body. It works with your circulatory system to regulate fluid levels, provide immunity and help you heal.

Lymph is the clear fluid that circulates through your lymphatic system. It carries white blood cells for fighting infection and proteins to feed cells and tissues. It’s also the cleaning service for your body, collecting cell debris and metabolic waste. 

When all’s well, lymph drains into your circulatory system, is processed by your kidneys and peed out. But when your lymphatic or circulatory systems are damaged lymph flow is slowed or blocked. That’s when you experience swelling.

What damages the lymphatic system? Disease, surgery and chronic swelling conditions.

Lymphatic massage is effective & gentle

Lymphatic massage therapy, also called MLD, is a gentle therapy that stops swelling. It encourages the movement of lymph to reduce swelling and help you heal. It’s the primary therapy for lymphedema and lipedema. And it treats a range of other health problems where swelling is present.