Leg Ulcers with Swelling


MLD therapy heals stubborn leg ulcers

Why do ulcers take so long to heal and close over? Usually because there is unresolved swelling and inflammation. And almost always because there’s poor circulation. Ulcers are often the result of an underlying health issue, such as diabetes and CVI (chronic venous insufficiency).

Ulcers, left on their own, take 3-5 months or longer to heal. Once your ulcer clears up, it doesn’t mean your issue is over. Although the skin is healed, the underlying swelling and circulation problems remain. That’s why ulcers can recur or new ones form with the next cut or scrape that gets infected.

Dramatically improve your healing time

MLD therapy reduces your healing time from months to weeks, as it addresses the underlying swelling and circulatory issues. CDT (combined decongestive therapy) blends MLD therapy with compression bandaging to quickly reduce swelling and boost lymphatic system function for healing.


We treat ulcers with and without active infection and stay in contact with your doctor throughout the process.