Leg swelling can be a sign of poor leg vein health

Poor leg circulation causes swelling and pain, and it is an indication that your circulatory and lymphatic systems are under stress.

Leg veins circulate blood flow back to the heart. One-way valves in your veins keep that blood from flowing backwards. However, valves that are weak or damaged become leaky allowing blood to pool in your veins. This pooling has a cascade effect on your lymphatic system, which also uses veins to move lymph fluid. When veins are overloaded, lymph flow is slowed or trapped - further increasing your swelling issue.

Over time,  excess weight, aging, smoking and inactivity can result in chronic poor leg circulation. Then it’s known as CVI (chronic venous insufficiency).

CVI leads to other health issues

Poor leg circulation is directly linked to:

Reduce swelling to improve your circulation

You can quickly reduce swelling and improve circulation with CDT (combined decongestive therapy). It blends MLD therapy with compression wrapping. Because poor circulation is chronic, many people benefit from wearing compression garments once their situation is stabilized. Custom-fitted garments are comfortable and effective in keeping swelling at bay.