Managing your chronic swelling


Get and keep your swelling in check

Each person's journey with chronic swelling is different.  

Lymphedema, lipedema and CVI are life-long conditions needing your oversight and management.  MLD therapy and CDT will reduce and stabilize your swelling. Your health goal then is to keep your swelling effectively managed to slow or avoid further progression.

Consider this: People with diabetes must actively manage their health. Daily insulin injections help some, while others handle their health with diet and exercise alone. Even so, health status changes with time. Chronic swelling also requires flexibility and ongoing attention. For some, swelling can be stable and compression garments help keep it that way. Others find, even when they are ‘doing  everything right,’ their swelling slowly progresses. Indeed, that’s the very nature of a chronic condition.

Maintenance MLD therapy

One of the most important ways to manage chronic swelling is with regular MLD therapy to encourage lymph flow and support your lymphatic system function. We recommend one hour of MLD therapy every 2-3 months. Many choose to have monthly maintenance therapy because they've found it works best for their situation.

Compression garments

Compression garments are your day-to-day swelling support system.  They should be worn everyday at work and leisure.  When garments lose their elasticity, they won't work as effectively to keep your swelling controlled.  Garments should be replaced regularly - usually every six months or earlier.


Activity keeps your lymph pumping. Literally.  Swimming and walking are particularly helpful for swelling management. Water acts like a natural form of compression. And walking flexes your calves and legs to encourage circulation. Find and enjoy exercise you are motivated to do.

Skin care

Sensitive skin is part and parcel with swelling conditions. Skin care helps you avoid skin breaks that can lead to serious infections like cellulitis. Compression garments protect your limb. Wearing appropriate clothing for sports and activity also helps you avoid unnecessary cuts and scrapes. A good-quality skin cream, applied daily is recommended - but let the cream sink in before donning your compression garment, as it can damage the material.